Samurai c1600

28mm Samurai Infantry     Infantry packs 6.25
28/Sam01 Lord (fan) Sword Bearer, Guards & Accessories (ua)
28/Sam02 Lord (Sword raised) 4 Ashigaru guards (ua)
28/Sam03 Ashigaru Guards. Stood & bowing (ua)
28/Sam04 Ashigaru Archers shooting, kneeling & loading (ua)
28/Sam05 Ashigaru Arquebus firing, kneeling & loading (ua)
28/Sam06 Ashigaru Fighting Swords & Polearms (ua)
28/Sam07 Ashigaru Retainers carrying supplies (ua)
28/Sam08 Ashigaru Retainers handing out supplies (ua)
28/Sam09 Ashigaru Musicians Conch, Drum & Drummer (ua)
28/Sam16 Ashigaru Retainers Holding banner poles.
28/Sam17 Ashigaru Retainers Marching with Polearms
Ref: Books.........Osprey. Samurai Armies 1550-1615, Kawanakajima 1553-1564, Ashigaru 1467-1649, The Samurai. Crowood Press. The Samurai. Re-enactment Jap style, photos. Coronet. Shogun (James Clavell's) ISBN 0 340 261552. This book is the making of the TV series.

28mm Samurai Cavalry     Cavalry packs 6.25
28/Sam12 Lord (Sword raised) Mounted with retainers (ua)
28/Sam13 Samurai. Mounted on horse with retainers (ua)
28mm Samurai Equipment     Equipment packs 6.25
28/Sam10 Weapon packs. Polearms, swords etc.
28/Sam11 Ladies in Kimonos. Standing Kneeling & Bowing (ua)
28/Sam14 Pack horse. Retainers carrying supplies (ua)
28/Sam15 Camp weapons. Racks of guns & Polearms
28/Sam18 Field defenses. Bamboo frame with rush bundles.
28/Sam19 Large Arquebus cannon. Samurai,Ashigaru crew (ar) NA
28/Sam20 Palanquin. (covered litter) Ashigaru bearers' (ua) NA
28/Sam21 Pavise's (Hinged shields) 10 per pack NA
Ref: Internet.........Ominobu

(ua) Unarmoured. (ar) Armoured


Miniatures are one piece castings. Packs are random, positioned heads & equipment are random. Infantry come as a single casting including weapon. Cavalry are separate horse and rider. Equipment packs are usually in pieces and require some construction,
Ref: Films.........Shogun (James Clavell's) TV series, Twilight Samurai, Kagemusha, 7 Samurai.
Painted Samurai by "RASMUS"