Museum Miniatures 15mm



Browse through our extensive ranges of miniature figures & equipment. From Sumerian charioteers to Napoleonic cannons, Ships. We have something for everyone.

Latest releases are Anglo-Saxon Cavalry, Heavy Infantry and Command group's. All ZSculpt range

In the pipe line........ Polybien/Republican Roman, for Early Spring. All ZSculpt.......

Our world leading 3D sculpted miniatures, sculpting taken to the next level. Ultra fine detailing but still casting a traditional metal miniature.

Click on thumbnail for more information. Indiens peints par Bouniol ALAIN.

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At this time we are unable to accept PayPal. Due to exceptional sales we have exceeded our monthly limit, PayPal will now hold our funds for 30days. We obviously find this unacceptable. We have been waiting for a resolution to this problem for over 2 months with no reply from Paypal. Our apologies.


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