1/200th Ground forces

StarForce 2000.

A mysterious island has been discovered inside the Bermuda Triangle, shrouded in mist and low level cloud, it has remained hidden for thousands of years. After numerous sightings of dragons in the Florida Keys and on the island of Bermuda over the last year a decision was made to send a multi-national force. A NATO recon force is to be dispatched to the island to investigate. The low lying clouds and mists surrounding the island have made satellite surveillance almost impossible. Drones were dispatched but nothing returned. Anything sent into the mist is lost, everything mysteriously disappears. All we have is a vague outline of a crescent shaped mountainous island Coming soon....... 2025AD. Range of 200th scale GEV Vehicles & troops... Early GEV Tanks & APC's. Light weight carbon composite bodies with LED camo coating.